October 4, 2013

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>> Last Chance to Register for the 2013 MTA Fall Conference!

>> Are We Prepared for an Emergency?

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>> LocaLoop Launches Online Profit Calculator for Rural Telcos and Internet Entrepreneurs

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Meetings and Events

October 10-11, 2013: 2013 MTA Fall Conference

December 4-5, 2013: 2013 Plant User Group Meeting

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MTA Updates


Last Chance to Register for the 2013 MTA Fall Conference!

The MTA Fall Conference is just a week away!

Continuing a tradition we started last year, the MTA Event Planning Committee and staff have been working with the Video Peer Group, IT Peer Group, and Economic Development Committee to provide more opportunities to learn. This year’s event will open with Thursday’s sessions on the ever-changing regulatory issues facing our industry. It will continue with separate tracks giving attendees the most current, up-to-date, information on Video, IT, and our 3rd Telework Summit. See full schedule. Know you want to attend, but don’t know which sessions you want to attend? It doesn’t matter; you can mix and match sessions to meet your individual needs. Register today!

SEE YOU AT THE 2013 MTA Fall Conference!






Interstate Telcom Consulting, Inc.
Power and Tel

Video Peer Group Exhibitor
CCI Systems
Innovative Systems

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Peer Group Bulletin
All MTA members are welcome to join a Peer Group

Would you like to be added to a Peer Group listserv?
Email Jacquie at jacquiej@mnta.org to be added – please specify which listserv(s) you would like to join:

Customer Service (CSR)
Office Managers (OM)
Human Resource (HR)
Plant Superintendents (PM)
Telco Marketing (TMG)

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Safety Corner

Are We Prepared for an Emergency?

Emergencies in the workplace cannot be eliminated, but you should have an emergency action plan in place and train workers to respond quickly and appropriately. In an emergency, an immediate and educated response can save individual lives, the business operation, and thousands of dollars in potential losses.

Gather emergency supplies for the workplace. Fire extinguishers should be maintained and inspected monthly so they are always ready to use. Periodically test fire alarms and emergency lighting. Keep flashlights, a radio, extra batteries, and a first aid kit on hand at all times. Make sure your staff understands company emergency communication and evacuation procedures.

  • Does everyone in the workplace know the procedures to follow in various emergency scenarios (e.g. fire, severe weather or workplace violence)?
  • Do workers know the escape routes and evacuations procedures — including where to reassemble for a headcount or for further instruction? Are exit routes unobstructed, including the pathway to the exit, the exit itself and the pathway from the exit (discharge)?
  • Are there preferred procedures in place for reporting emergencies, such as dialing a particular number, using the PA system or using a manual alarm system? Are emergency response phone numbers clearly posted?
  • Do workers know where emergency supplies are located?
  • Have workers practiced using the fire extinguishers so that they’re aware of their operation, limitations and when to use them?
  • Do all workers know where to go during severe weather?
  • Are there procedures in place to account for all employees after an emergency? This includes assigned safe meeting locations, who will take a roll call, etc.

Emergency Action Plans, while we hope will never be used, are essential in limiting injuries and losses to our businesses and homes.

Take care,
Dan Berg, M.S.
Lead Safety Consultant

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People Companies

LocaLoop Launches Online Profit Calculator for Rural Telcos and Internet Entrepreneurs

LocaLoop is inviting MTA members to explore its new website. You may have already heard of LocaLoop. However, you should see for yourself what LocaLoop is all about. Take a look at our updated website. The site includes extensive product information to help understand LocaLoop’s 4G Turnkey Business Solution for rural area capabilities for your organization. You can research our solution, explore the profit calculator and learn more about our technical expertise and support. Please see the link below for more information.


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