2014 Convention Breakout Sessions
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ACA's Federal Regulatory and Legislative Outlook for 2014 by Ross Lieberman, American Cable Association; Barbara Esbin, Cinnamon Mueller; Tom Cohen, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP; and Jim Beattie, BEVCOMM

With FCC Chairman Wheeler taking over, key regulatory issues of concern to MTA members are in play -- including CAF and E-rate reform, Call Completion, the IP transition, and access to video programming. There's also the potential for Congressional and Court action. The panel will discuss all of these and the 2014 outlook. Note: The panel also includes ACA's Counsel, Barbara Esbin (Cinnamon Mueller) and Thomas Cohen (Kelley Drye & Warren LLP).

Cloud Productivity Tools by Carissa Swenson, TechTECS, LLC

Learn about Google Drive, Dropbox, Sign-Up Genius and more! These tools are free and a great way to promote the use of Internet with your employees and customers alike.

Data Centers and Service Organization Controls by Brian Stueve, CPA, CITP, CISA and Robert J. Koch, CPA, CITP

This presentation will describe the emerging revenue opportunity of hosting a data center along with the types of controls and related reporting that the data center will need.

Innovating Your Broadband Network by David Fridley, FARR Technologies

This presentation provides new revenue options and case studies demonstrating cost cutting methods that do not sacrifice the quality of the product being delivered.

Migrating from TDM to IP network: Challenges and Opportunities by Patrick Ostiguy, Accedian Networks

As the TDM shift to IP gains wider adoption, carriers are developing new SIP based value added services to differentiate their offering and create new revenue streams. As with all IP based networks, these value added services are sensitive to the quality of the underlying network. Ensuring sufficient bandwidth and isolating these services from the core voice traffic becomes critical as new network patterns are being introduced in a shared transport medium. This session will discuss and showcase the issues in the backhaul migrating from TDM to IP, discuss (via case study) how to overcome challenges such as blind spots in the network, review the role of network performance assurance and discuss the opportunities.

Positioning Your Company Identity for 21st Century Success by Andy Isackson and Aaron W. Hautala, CTC

Learn more about the best practices of creating a 21st century identity for your cooperative in order to be relevant tomorrow, authentic today, and attractive the the next generation of consumers.

Recent Developments in USF and ICC Reform by Vincent Wiemer, CPA, Alexicon Consulting

Analysis and implications of changes to the FCC's Quantile Regression Analysis and caps for High Cost Loop Support. Discussion of alternative USF/ICC reform plans offered by industry stakeholders.

Retrans 2014 – What to Expect and How to Prepare. by Chris Cinnamon, Cinnamon Mueller LLC

Broadcasters are bigger and bolder, and Retransmission Consent 2104 is just around the corner. Chris Cinnamon returns to MTA to offer his insight and advice on what to expect and how to prepare. Don't miss this must see briefing for video providers.

Rural Market 4G LTE: Opportunities and Challenges by Bill Barnes

With escalating competition and increasing consumer demand for both fixed and mobile data based services, rural Communications Service Providers (CSPs) continue the drive toward 4G LTE as a means to meet customer service expectations, reduce churn and meet their Broadband Plan requirements. In this presentation, the audience will learn about the current challenges and opportunities for the rural CSP in the rapidly evolving landscape of 4G LTE. Learn firsthand about the unexpected and often overlooked elements of 4G LTE deployment-helping to avoid unnecessary expense and added time in taking service to market. Hear about how new business models are transforming the market and creating new inroads for rural IOCs.

Smart Business Revenue Opportunties: Surveillance and Monitoring Solutions that Protect Business Operations by Craig Steen, Clear2There

The value of cost-effective and easy-to-manage surveillance and monitoring is appealing to business owners. This session will explain how service providers can offer a variety of smart-premise services in a strong business-centric service portfolio.

Success with Social Networking by Rosie Berg, Pinnacle

Managing your social networking just got easier! Successfully run a cross functional Social Media team comprised of dynamic employees from a variety of departments where everyone has their own responsibility and your company still has 'one-voice'.

Top 10 Items Employers Should Audit by Tom Revnew, Seaton Peters & Revnew

This session will focus on areas where employers can proactively audit their employment policies and procedures to minimize unnecessary claims and litigation.

VoIP, It's Still a Telephone Says the Network Guy... by Shaun Carlson, Arvig

This is the third in a series and will focus on breaking down and explaining Voice over IP (VoIP) and what makes it different from (and similar to) traditional telephone, but in words we can all understand!

Wireline Carriers Go Wireless by Chip Yorkgitis, Kelley Drye & Warren LLP and Mark Birkholz, Arvig

With people increasingly connecting to networks with wireless devices, carriers have substantial new business opportunities. This panel examines how wireline carriers can seize them, serving customers better and beating the competition.

What Impact Will Over-the-Top Video Have on My Bottom Line? by Brian T. Grogan, Moss & Barnett

Even though basic cable revenue may be up slightly in 2011, many cable operators are experiencing significant basic cable subscriber losses. The next generation of consumers are now obtaining video content over the internet or on portable devices: laptops, cell phones, and tablets. The options for consumers to obtain video content now include hard wired systems (cable and DSL), 4G wireless, DBS, and Internet delivered linear TV, video-on-demand, or network-based DVR video. What can your company do to prepare for OTT TV? This session will provide a statistical overview of the impact of OTT video and highlight some of the strategies being employed to retain market share.

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