Safety Webinar Courses - Spring 2014

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Bloodborne Pathogens

This program provides compliance with the OSHA regulation to provide annual training for employees who may be exposed to potential Bloodborne Pathogens on the job.  Attendees will learn about how our bodies could be exposed both on and off the job.  Emergency situation for employees are rare on the job, however from time to time situations do occur and as a result we all need to be aware the simple steps we can all take to be protected from Bloodborne Pathogens.   

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Culpable Behavior

Co-Worker Culpability training pertains to the definition of Culpability, Examples of Culpable Behavior, Human Behavior, Our Role in Accident Prevention and What Accidents have in Common.  Discussion includes how consequences affect our behavior, reasons why people do the things they do and how our actions affect others.

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Disaster Recovery Plans

Disaster Recovery Plans this training covers the elements of disaster recovery plans and while generic in content, will stimulate thought and help in the creation of a new plan or may be used to evaluate the completeness of an existing plan.  The Need for a Plan, Planning Considerations, Common Oversights and the Components of a Plan are discussed.

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The program “Ergonomics for Everyone!” is designed to review information on how ergonomics are used to improve our lives and our occupations.  We will discuss the meaning of ergonomics, Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD), how the WMSD injures occur, physical limitation of the human body and awkward positions the put us at risk for having injuries on the job.  The theory behind this training process is simple if we all understand how ergonomics in our workplaces work, than we should be able to prevent or reduce injuries on the job.

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Fire Extinguishers

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has standards regarding the use of fire extinguishers in the workplace. During training we reviewed the OSHA requirements; the five classes of fires and fire extinguishers; the hazards and dangers associated with workplace fires; the acronyms R.A.C.E and P.A.S.S.; and what to do in case of a fire in the workplace.

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Hazard Communication

Hazard Communication training relating to the NEW OSHA standard – Global Harmonization System (GHS) is covered during this training.  The training includes; the NEW labeling of containers requirements, the NEW  safety data sheet format, responsibilities of Employers and Employees, types of chemical hazards, routes of exposure and personal protective equipment.  We also cover the timeline for implementation of the new GHS standard.

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Health and Wellness

Our health and wellness can affect how we do our jobs and the productivity of our companies.  Therefore it’s important that all employees keep themselves as healthy as possible in order to perform their jobs at a high level.  During training we reviewed tips for being physically fit; proper nutrition; sleep patterns; and how to handle stress.

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Hearing Conservation

This program provides compliance with the OSHA regulation to provide annual training for employees who may be exposed to noise on the job.  Attendees will learn about how the human ear works, what things on the job in the Telecommunication Industry create potential exposures and most importantly how we can protect ourselves on the job from excess noise exposure.

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Laser Safety

Telecommunication Laser Safety the course objectives include an Overview of Lasers, Specific Safety and Hazard Concerns, Classification of Lasers, Safety Glasses and Labeling Requirements. 

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Prostate Cancer

In this class, the employees will be introduced to some basic information about Prostate Cancer: statistics related to Prostate Cancer, types of breast cancer, risks factors, and anatomy of the male reproductive system and general treatments for Prostate Cancer.  The program will also briefly review current trends and treatment programs.

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