2014 Convention User Groups
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Monday, March 24
1:00 - 3:00 pm


Command the Broadband Experience

"Know your subscriber!"  To drive new revenues, service providers must correctly identify the appetite among subscribers for specific new services. Join us during this session to discover how Calix solutions, software, and services can help you easily get data that empowers every function in your company, including network planning, customer service, and marketing.  We will review case studies of transformation best practices, and open the floor for questions and insights from Calix experts. 

Olsen Thielen CPAs

Current Event Update

Please note: 2:00 - 3:00 pm
Hear the latest on Local Rate Benchmarks; FCC Experiments; Access Rate Updates for July 2014; Five Year Plans; Most Common Billing Errors and most importantly, we will be there to answer your questions.


Helping our Customers Chart New Courses

Come and hear Fritz Hendricks and team’s update on what’s new with Onvoy, including products and initiatives we’re working on to help you capitalize on new growth opportunities.

Red House Media

Innovations in Telecom Identity and Communication

In just one year the ability to position your telecom through the world-wide web has been revolutionized. Gone are the days of custom designed websites that are difficult to update with your own staff. Through the power of responsive Wordpress themes, video, and motion graphics, witness firsthand how to position your telecom for online success. Join Creative Director and President of RedHouseMedia, Aaron Hautala during this User Group session to learn more.

Visit RedHouseMedia online at RedHouseMedia.com

LocaLoop, INC

Think Diffferently – New Rural Broadband Economics 

Carl-Johan Torarp, the Founder/ CEO and co-inventor of its patented technology realized in a cloud service platform will take you through the story of, how anyone who is looking for a business opportunity in Rural America can capitalize on this revolutionary invention.

For the first time the rural broadband pain can now be curred quickly and profitably by deploying LocaLoop's cloud-driven 4G in-a-box solution with low entry cost in a pay as you go and grow model.

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