2015 Convention Breakout Sessions
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A Closer Look at SMB Advertising Spend

Rosie Berg and Caralee Nowak, PINNACLE

Gain insight on where small and medium-sized businesses are shifting their marketing dollars, what products they are looking for and discover how these opportunities can benefit you, your customers and your community.

Bringing Fiber Deeper into the MDU/MTU

Jim Anderson, TE Connectivity

Deploying fiber to MDU/MTU's remain lucrative, but many challenges remain. One, the variability of structure across MDU/MTU buildings can increase costs signficantly for the installer. Adding to those complications, property owners today demand installers be off the premises quickly, and are increasingly vocal about having aesthetically pleasing equipment. These are the trends that are shaping MDU/MTU construction today.

Information Security Intro (i.e. for the rest of us)

Shaun Carlson, Arvig

In a continuing series of presentations, I will address information security.  What is it and how can the rest of us use it?  And, what can we do in a world of breaches and attacks?

Mine Your Own Business

Gwen Schaffer, National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC)

Mine valuable data to better understand and grow your customer base and track their interest in your traditional and non-traditional products and services…getting the most from your marketing dollars.

Over-the-Top-Video — The Emerging Video Landscape Is a Significant Departure from the Past

Martin Laney, Calix

Was HBO's launch of an OTT services the tipping point? The tremors are still reverberating throughout the industry. A new world of managed, unmanaged, and hybrid video services models is emerging that has big implications for service providers. This presentation will look at the trends and landscape confronting the video world, and explore a variety of successful, unsuccessful, and developing models that will be critical for service providers to understand in navigating the future.   

Telecom's Next Wave of Employees

Jenna Monse, PHR, Cooperative Network Services

An estimated 10,000 boomers retire each day. How many of your employees will retire in 10 years? Will the wealth of knowledge you have invested in your Company disappear with those retirees? Who will replace them? Are you able to retain this new wave of employees? This session is full of statistics for recruitment and retention strategies for the employees of the Digital Era in Rural America. Start planning for your future now. 

Value-Mining the Cloud: How to Better Use What You Sell to Help You Sell It

Chris Beatson, NRTC - NeoNova

When it comes to cloud-based applications today, the whole should be considered greater than the sum of its parts; meaning the cloud can be leveraged for more than just email, calendars, and docs. Cloud apps also can be tied together to automate essential business practices like workflow or order fulfillment, or they can be integrated with a CRM or an email marketing system. Chris provides real-world examples of complex workflow and business applications that use the extensive capabilities of cloud computing apps. 

ACA's Annual Update of FCC and US Congress Policy Matters & Their Impact on Your Business

Ross Lieberman, American Cable Association; Barbara Esbin, Attorney, Cinnamon Mueller; and Thomas Cohen, Attorney, Kelley Drye & Warren, LLP

Counsel for the American Cable Association will review recently adopted and pending major video programming and broadband matters before the FCC and Congress, including the STELAR legislation, and their impact on the industry.

Cloud PBX: Using Mobility Applications to Differentiate Your Product in a Crowded Marketplace

Brian Gregory, Metaswitch

Join Metaswitch as we provide insight and guidance about how to use applications such as soft phones and mobile applications to increase the functionality of your Cloud PBX product.

Managing expectations for SMBs in the cloud

Chris Benyo, NRTC - NeoNova

 Tight budgets and deliberate spending are the hallmarks of buying behavior for small and medium businesses (SMBs), making the cloud very attractive over traditional IT vendors. Chris offers valuable insight on how providers can better position cloud services for SMBs with strategic marketing and sales tactics and create new service delivery models that will help you earn and keep the loyalty of this large and growing segment of the marketplace.

Navigating Employee Benefits: How to Leverage A  Comprehensive Benefit Package in Your Company 

Magen Koepp, CPA, and Rob Koch, Principal, Olsen Thielen & Co., Ltd.

In this session, we will discuss various benefit design options available for employers including Health Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSA), Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRA), Health Spending Accounts (HSA), Retirement Plans, and Dependent Care Assistance Programs. 

RUS Update

Shawn Arner, Rural Utilities Service; and Kristin Lough, Financial/Technical Analyst

This session will cover an update of the organization structure of RUS, a discussion of the changes to the Farm Bill Broadband Program and status of the Infrastructure, Community Connect and Distance Learning and Telemedicine Programs.  In addition, the will be a walk through of the new RUS online application system.

The Internet of Everything: The Third Internet Wave and the Future of Telecom

Vincent H. Wiemer, CPA, Alexicon Consulting

The Internet of Things is emerging as the third and biggest wave in Internet development.  Understand how personal lives, workplace productivity, and consumption will change with ubiquitous connected devices.

Wi-Fi Offload, there's nothing to fear!

Charles Jouglard, CCI Systems

What is Wi-Fi Offload? Why is it happening? What's in it for me?  If these are questions you are asking be sure to join CCI as we explain Wi-Fi Offload.

  • Wi-Fi Offload — what is it?
  • Trends driving this business
  • Market opportunities available
  • Effects on traditional communications infrastructure
  • Adding Wi-Fi Offload to existing communications infrastructure

Be part of the mobile device movement and profit from this disruptive technology.  

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