2013 Fall Conference Speakers
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Mike Veeck

http://mnta.org/associations/11041/files/MikeVeeck.jpgMike Veeck is a nationally renowned speaker, entrepreneur, college professor, marketing, promotions and advertising expert as well as an owner of six successful minor league baseball teams. His name is synonymous with fun at the ballpark. Who else would train a pig to deliver baseballs to the umpire, hire mimes to perform instant replays or lock fans out of the stadium to set an all-time attendance record for fewest people at a game?

It is with the belief that anything is possible and fun is crucial to success that Veeck operates his ball clubs. His Saint Paul Saints have become a model organization and along with this culture of fun, it’s their willingness to take creative risks and their attention to customers that proves to be the positive difference. It’s no surprise then that SNL alum and film guy Bill Murray (a co-owner and partner in a number of Mike’s teams) serves as Team Psychologist / Director of Fun, sometimes taking tickets, selling programs, coaching third base and giving noogies. Fans love the positive vibe, family feel and great customer service they get at Mike’s ballparks! This business philosophy has garnered national attention, with Mike being featured on NBC Nightly News, 60 Minutes, The Late Show with David Letterman and many other national media outlets.

What came next. . . a book! With his teams practicing all this fun and passion in the workplace, providing great customer care and exceeding aggressive sales goals, Mike decided to tell these stories in his book - Fun Is Good! With its success, Mike is a highly sought after speaker, allowing him the privilege of working with over a hundred organizations each year.

In 2013, with the goal of spreading the Fun Is Good message even further, Mike founded the training, coaching and consulting company called, of course. . . Fun Is Good. Bringing together the talents of creative guru Al Fahden, business leader Fran Zeuli and training maven Trudi Mendoza, Mike assembled a team of skilled and passionate partners. They’re sharing this simple, but powerful Fun Is Good formula with organizations across the country, through speaking engagements, seminars and training sessio

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