Safety Webinar Courses - Spring 2015

MTA Safety Program members only.

Bloodborne Pathogens

This program provides compliance with the OSHA regulation to provide annual training for employees who may be exposed to potential Bloodborne Pathogens on the job.  Attendees will learn about how our bodies could be exposed both on and off the job.  Emergency situation for employees are rare on the job, however from time to time situations do occur and as a result we all need to be aware the simple steps we can all take to be protected from Bloodborne Pathogens.   

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Confined Space Entry

Confined spaces present special hazards that must be evaluated and controlled using a variety of systems. This class will focus on how to comply with the Federal OSHA confined space standard (29CFR 1910.146). The primary emphasis will be on the hazards, systems (atmospheric monitoring, ventilation) programs, permits and equipment(PPE, rescue) needed to enable attendees to develop a confined space program for their workplace.
(Approx. length 21 min.)

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Fire Extinguishers

Employees who are expected to use a fire extinguisher are required to receive annual fire extinguisher training per OSHA. The training include fire extinguisher use, when and when not to use, classes of fires, the different classes of portable fire extinguishers, how to do the monthly fire extinguisher inspections, and a video on How to use a portable fire extinguishers.
(Approx. length 9 min.)

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Hazard Communication

Training relating to the OSHA standard is covered in this program. The training includes; labeling of containers, material safety data sheets, responsibilities of Employers and Employees, types of chemical hazards, routes of exposure and personal protective equipment.
(Approx. length 15 min.)

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Mold Awareness

Mold is everywhere! Thousands of species of fungus can be found growing year round, both indoors and outdoors, which can cause very serious health problems. During training we discussed he conditions it takes for mold to grow; the most common areas were mold grows; how to detect or recognize mold; how to clean it and prevent it from recurring; and the health effects mold has on our bodies. Being able to properly identify mold and eliminate mold will ensure a safe and healthy environment at work and at home.

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