2012 Industry Showcase Session Descriptions
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General Session Descriptions

Developing a Robust Workforce for the Minnesota Telecom Industry

Speaker: Bruce Lindberg
Description: This interactive session will review two important initiatives currently underway at the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and solicit feedback from audience members through instant polling technology. The projects include a grant opportunity to update the skills of current employees and a planned revision and expansion of a two-year degree program designed to prepare future telecom technical workers. Along the way we will share audience polling results and ask some clarifying questions. Come prepared to participate!

Diversifying Your Business in the New Telecom World Order

Speaker: Dave Wolf, Gardonville Telephone and Brent Christensen, MTA
Description:  With the demise of landline telephone service, telcos have to diversify their companies in order to stay alive.  While Free Range Chickens may not be the total solution, attendees will gain new ideas to increase profitability for your company in a fun, entertaining setting.

Telework Track

Blandin on Broadband

Speaker: Bill Coleman

Do’s and Don’ts for Businesses Interested in Teleworking

Speakers: Larry Kugler, Olsen Thielen
Description:  Is your company thinking about initiating a work from home program?  As a Broadband provider, do you have business customers who are looking to you for advice? This will be your opportunity to learn about setting policies, conduct performance reviews of telecommuting employees and much more.

Teleworking From an Employer’s Perspective

Speaker: Walt Stolrzyk
Desciption: Here from an employer on what they learned from implementing a telework program.  Learn to avoid (and help your customers avoid) pitfalls as you encounter challenges and new opportunities with telecommuting.

Forward Fergus Falls Telework Hotel

Speaker: Dave Bickett
Description: The City of Fergus Falls continues to promote their community as the Telework Capitol of Minnesota.  After two successful telework summits, the City has implemented a Telework Hotel.  Come learn how this new venture is poised to attract more telecommuters to their region.

Telecommuting and the Future of Work

Speaker: Ted Shadler
Description:  Forrester Research, Inc. is an independent research company that provides pragmatic and forward-thinking advice to global leaders in business and technology.  Here from Forrester analyst Ted Schadler via teleconference on telecommunications trends.

Connected Communities Program

Speaker: Kim Phelps
Description: The MTA has been working with the Center for Rural Policy and Development and Connected Nation on a way MTA members can work with the communities they serve to market rural Minnesota communities as Telework Friendly.  Attendees will learn how Connected Nation has been successful in similar programs in other states.

Center for Rural Policy and Development Broadband Research

Speaker: Brad Finstad, Center for Rural Policy & Development
Description: The Center for Rural Policy and Development has researched trends in Broadband adoption for many years.  Brad Finstad will discuss current research projects and trends they are seeing in rural Minnesota.

IT Track

Project Management for IT

Speaker: Ken Budd, Compass Consultants
Description: Project Management continues to provide challenges for IT professionals.  This session will provide attendees everything needed to improve project management within your organization.

Cloud Computing Services

Speakers: Andy Erickson, The Stellar Group; Greg Gaalswyk, NuTelcom; Shaun Carlson, ARVIG
Description: MTA members will learn from cloud computing experts on the latest trends in this increasingly more important field.  Learn how cloud computing will impact your telco and opportunities to be involved.

Smart Home and Home Automation

Speakers: Matt Huovinen, BEC and Craig Steen, Clear2There
Description: As technology advances, here is your opportunity to see the latest and greatest smart home and home automation equipment and services.  Learn how your company can take advantage of these new opportunities.

IT Peer Group Meeting

Description: The IT Peer Group will host a discussion for anyone interested in talking about sessions and topics for our events next year.

Video Track

NCTC Member Meeting

Speaker: Rich Fickle, Doug Hull
Description: This NCTC member only meeting will give NCTC members the opportunity to hear from Rich Fickle on issues relating to this organization.  Rich will discuss content, retransmission agreements, and other issues relating to providing Video content.

What’s New with the American Cable Association

Speakers: Matt Polka, American Cable Association
Description:  The more our industries collide, the more we have in common.  ACA’s Matt Polka will inform attendees on the latest efforts of his organization to represent video providers.

What’s New – What’s Now

Speaker: Lana Eckles
Desciption: Several Video equipment vendors have been invited to share “What’s New – What’s Now”.  This is your opportunity to see the latest video equipment and technology available to companies providing video services.

Network Affiates

Speaker: Jim Wareham
Description: Dealing with network affiliates is part of the video business. This is your opportunity to hear from and ask questions of a panel of network affiliates and gain new insight into the business from their perspective.

Future of the Industry

Speaker: Roger Musick, Innovative Systems
Description: Roger Musick has been an industry leader for many years. His company, Innovative Systems, is at the forefront of changes in video middleware. Roger will share his thoughts on the future direction of our industry.


Speaker: Mike Curran, Avail-TVN
Description: Avail-TVN is the largest independent provider of digital video services in North America. Mike Curran will discuss the challenges and opportunities of providing content to rural telcos.

A Discussion with the Minnesota Cable Communications Association

Speaker: Mike Martin, MN Cable Communications Association
Description: The more our industries collide, the more we have in common.  MCCA’s Mike Martin will inform attendees on the latest efforts of his organization to represent video providers.

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