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Website Features Overview:

There are many features on our website including members-only online community tools similar to those featured in public online communities/social networks of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The value of a private social network is the ability to share ideas, network, connect and collaborate online with other members to enhance the value of your membership investment.

If you have forgotten your user name or password, please go here to reset.

When you log into the website, you will be on the Manage Profile page. On the right side of the page are quick links to access the new community features on the website that are also accessible on the Manage Profile Page.

Once you are logged into your member portal please take a moment to update your information on the Manage Profile under Information & Settings, click on Edit Bio. You can now control the privacy for all of your data. We set a default, so when you are in edit bio, select what is private, members only or public. Simply click on the icon to the left of the data field and select the proper level.

Please note: 
You will receive at least one email per month from our domain – 

Make sure this domain is on your safe sender/white list to receive our communication. Contact the office if you have any questions

Below are detailed instructions by area for you to get the most of the website functionality.

Member login and Renewal How To
Learn how to log into your account and renew your membership.

Member Profile Overview
This section provides an overview of the various components found in your Member Profile.

Bio & Preferences How To
This How To walks you through how to manage and edit your Bio and Preferences, including how to manage your notifications, messages and what is visible on your Wall.

Managing Content How To
Learn how to create and manage Favorites, Files and Links, Blogs, Pages and Photos in your Member Profile.

Connections How To
Learn how to create a circle of MTA members to network with within the MTA Community.

Community How To
This How To walks you through how to make Connections, send Messages and work within Groups.

How To Webinars
Learn about the new website features by watching the webinars.

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