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MTA is proud to launch its new MTA Safety Center, a centralized location to watch online training, complete required courses, and track progress for any work requirements. Take a look at the Safety Center.

Welcome to the MTA Safety and Education Program

For more than 30 years, the MTA Safety and Education Program has been the premier program for telecommunications companies in the Midwest. Our purpose is to work in partnership with our members to provide a safe working environment for all employees. The Minnesota Telecom Alliance Safety Program provides consulting services that focus on the unique safety needs of the telecommunications industry.
The MTA Safety Program consists of three components:

  • Safety Training Courses: The MTA Safety Committee, who is comprised of member companies, work with staff to put together timely, relevant training that will help your employees work safer. Our courses are designed to benefit all employees — everything from outside plant to front office. These training sessions cover a wide range of topics providing safety information for both work and home life. Training sessions usually last two hours and are taught at your location. Because of the nature of the work you do, we schedule these training classes from September through May. All of our current training courses are available in the members-only section of our website. This allows employees to make up missed courses when it is convenient for them and their employer.
  • Safety Services: We take a proactive approach to reducing your liability risk. Once a year, we will come into your workplace and conduct a Safety Audit. This audit consists of a wide range of services from a mock OSHA inspection to a review of DOT employee driver files, and everything in between. When the audit is complete, our staff will meet with the General Manager and the lead safety contact for your company. You will receive a list of recommendations on things you can do to reduce your liability and increase the safety of your workplace.
  • Incident Investigation and Representation Services: As part of the MTA Safety Program, if you are ever visited by OSHA, we will be there to serve as a liaison during their investigation and represent your interests. In addition, should you ever have a workplace accident, our staff will come out and conduct a full investigation. We will work to determine the cause and make recommendations on how to avoid similar future incidents.

The MTA Safety and Education Program will save your company time and money by coming to your location. Unlike other training that requires you to send employees to their locations, the MTA Safety Consultants come to you.  This minimizes employee down time and makes the training much more relevant and interactive for better engagement.

Our staff of safety professionals have extensive training and experience with all types of telecommunications safety concerns. This training has given them the expertise needed to serve our clients in today’s rapidly changing safety, health and environmental arena. Should you ever have a question about what safety equipment to buy or have any safety-related questions, our consultants are only a phone call or email away. Our staff is constantly evaluating the latest trends in safety equipment and can help guide purchasing decisions so you don’t have to be the subject matter expert.

Thank you for your interest in the MTA Safety and Education Program,

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