MTA Convention & Trade Show Call for Presenters

MTA Convention Call for Presentations

MTA is continuously planning for the Annual Convention and Trade Show (usually in March). Our events offer you an opportunity to talk with up to 1,100 MTA attendees face-to-face.

Request for Proposals

There are additional opportunities for you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise to all attendees. We are requesting submissions of speakers and presenters for our breakout sessions and luncheons. Deadline for submission has been extended to : October 26, 2020

Breakout Session Requirements

The 2021 MTA Convention will have 12 breakout sessions of 50 minutes each and an Issues Update Luncheon. Sessions will be presented on Tuesday, March 16, and Wednesday, March 17, 2021. No sales pitches please.

Topic Ideas for Breakout Sessions Identified by the MTA Event Planning Committee:


  • What Telcos need to know about accepting credit/debit cards; new chip technology, PCI compliance, Sources for POS equipment
  • Companies Partnering Together to Increase Efficiency
  • Company Intranets
  • Competition – How to Win Back Your Customers
  • Customer Service in 2020
  • Diversifying Revenue Streams
  • eDocument Management (How to structure your files)
  • Future of Telecom
  • How to Effectively Build Revenue for Services Built
  • Ideas on Unique New Product Lines or Revenue Generating Opportunities
  • Management Styles/Measuring Maturity
  • Remote Working
  • Required Notices that Telcos are Responsible to Notify Customers About
  • Stir/Shaken update
  • Social Media for Telcos
  • Time Management
  • Using Windows SharePoint Services
  • Other Business Topics

Human Resources

  • Wellness Programs — What Works?
  • MN Parental Leave Law and FMLA Issues
  • Attracting Talent and the Interview Process
  • Documentation and Employee Discipline
  • Employee Surveys — How to, Benefits of, etc.
  • HR’s Role in Helping Employee Morale
  • Other HR Issues


Sales and Marketing

  • New Marketing Strategies
  • Sales Skills for Customer Service Reps
  • Other Sales or Marketing


  • How to Monetize Content in the Next 3 Years
  • IPTV for the Non-Technical Person
  • Leveraging the Effectiveness of Local Sponsorships and Community Events
  • Retransmission Consent
  • What Impact Will Over-the-Top Video Have On My Bottom Line?
  • Other Video


  • Staffing & Automation, How to find the right mix between technology and people
  • New Technologies: How do you use it?
  • Anything Wireless
  • Central Office Battery Backup and Inverters
  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security/Ransomware
  • Data Centers
  • House Wiring for the Future
  • New Technologies: How do you use it? (Tablets, smartphones)
  • Web Content and Web Strategies
  • Wi-Fi Offload
  • Wireless Spectrum
  • Other IT

Selection Process

MTA Event Planning Committee will select all speakers.

Presenting Information

  1. Presenters are responsible for providing a laptop computer and all slide support for their presentation.
  2. Presenters will be responsible for providing copies of their presentation handouts.
  3. MTA does not provide monetary compensation for workshop presenters. The benefit for the presenter is significant visibility and accessibility to the marketplace.
  4. MTA does not pay for expenses associated with your presentation such as travel, lodging, meals or special equipment purchases and rentals.
  5. No sales pitches please.
  6. Education, information, and member value are prime functions of this event; therefore, we will make your presentation available behind a password protected page on the MTA website after the event. If you need to seek permission to publish your presentation, we ask that you please do so ahead of time. We will be collecting the presentations the day of your presentation.
  7. Presenters will be given complimentary convention registrations on the day that they present and will be responsible for their own expenses.

When submitting a response, you are expected to supply your submission form in full.

Also, your company is responsible for providing any alternate speakers.

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