MTA Excellence in Service Awards
MTA Excellence in Service Award

Individual Awards

Humanitarian Award

The Humanitarian Award honors a person or persons that have demonstrated an act of kindness without regards or expectations of reward. This may include but is not limited to helping people, aiding someone in distress, supporting charitable efforts, or working to improve the quality of life for others. (Efforts should be within past 12 months.)

Public Service Award

The Public Service Award is presented to a member that has served his/her community in a community leadership role and has worked to promote their community as a better place to live and work.

Industry Leadership Award

The Industry Leadership Award recognizes a member that has distinguished his or herself by significantly contributing to the development, cooperation, and betterment of the telecommunications industry at the state level.

Associate Member Award

The Associate Member Leadership Award is presented to an individual from an MTA Associate Member company who has been a leader in fostering positive relationships between telecommunications companies and manufacturers, suppliers and consultants. This individual has actively participated in MTA activities and programs and has worked for the betterment of Minnesota's telecommunications industry.

Company Award

Economic Development Award

The Economic Development Award recognizes the accomplishments a member company has made to the economic growth and health of their community. The award honors a company that has contributed to increased employment opportunities and greater economic activity through the development of advanced telecommunications infrastructure, financial assistance, or other contributions.

Presentation of Awards

Excellence in Service Awards will be presented at the Minnesota Telecom Alliance Annual Convention in Minneapolis.

Nomination Procedure

To nominate an individual or company, complete the Official Nomination Form below. Deadline is 4:00 p.m., March 2, 2020. Call the MTA office at 651-291-7311 if you need assistance with your application.


Persons or companies being nominated must be members of the Minnesota Telecom Alliance. Membership categories include Active, Affiliate and Associate.

Selection Criteria

All submitted nominations received by March 2, 2020 are reviewed and award winners are selected by the MTA Excellence in Service Awards Committee. Members of the MTA Excellence in Service Awards Committee will judge entries based on how closely the entry matches the award category and criteria. Only one of each award is presented each year, however, the awards recognize truly exceptional service and therefore, are not automatically presented each year.

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Active Members

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