MTA Foundation Selects Scholarship Winners
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2019 Scholarship Winners

The Minnesota Telecom Alliance received scholarship applications from across the state and have announced the winning applicants. The follwing were selected to receive a scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year from the Minnesota Telecom Alliance Foundation. Congratulations to our winners!  

Brekken Lindberg, Garden Valley Technologies — Bud Morrow Scholarship winner
Ashley Schroeder, CenturyLink
Nathaniel Eric Wosmek, Emily Cooperative Telephone Company
Amelia Landsverk, Garden Valley Technologies
Jora Gergen, KMTelecom
Garsen Schorr, KMTelecom — Information Technology Scholarship winner

2018 Scholarship Winners

Abbey Faith Schiefelbein, Arvig
Annalise Ellen Ahrendt, Arvig
Russell Anthony Arno, Arvig
Brayden Michael Sorenson, Garden Valley Technologies
Kendra Schmitz, TDS  (Bud Morrow Award)
Ethan Sindelir, BevComm

2017 Scholarship Winners

Courtney Wiese – ARVIG (Bud Morrow Award)
Taylor Shoshonea Jean Bushelle – Garden  Valley Telephone
Andrew Joseph Backman Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Association
Bradley Blaine Hochhalter - Red River Communications
Nicole Jean Solvie - Runestone Telecom Association

2016 Scholarship Winners

The 2016 MTA Foundation Scholarship winners were:
Jason Carlson, Arvig
Megan Edelman, Arvig
Andrew Mahoney, Federated
Andy Plein, KM Telecom
Breanna Thompson, Arvig
Haley Warren, Arvig

2015 Scholarship Winners

Simon Jackson, TDS

Briana Bednarek, Benton Cooperative Telephone Co.
Emily Friedrich, Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Assoc.
Tara Airhart, Benton Cooperative Telephone Co.
Elizabeth Granlund, Benton Cooperative Telephone Co.

2014 Scholarship Winners

Members of the MTA Foundation’s Board of Directors scored 131 scholarship applications. To be eligible, applicants must be attending post-secondary education at either an university, college, or technical college, be a Minnesota resident, and the applicant’s family must subscribe to at least one service from a MTA member company. The panel reviewed each application and scored the applications based on applicants’ grades, academic achievements and extra-curricular activities. Preference to receive the scholarships is given to students who have an interest in telecommunications technology and rural communities. A total of 5 - $2,000 scholarships were approved by the Board to be awarded this year. The top applicant is awarded the Bud Morrow Scholarship each year. This year, there was a tie for the top score, both applicants will be receiving a $2,000 Bud Morrow Scholarship. There was also a tie for 5th place. Because of this, the 5th place scholarship will be split and each of those two applicants will receive $1,000.

The 2014 MTA Foundation Scholarship winners are:

Kathryn Gray, Paul Bunyan Communications
Lauren Usherwood, Emily Cooperative Telephone Co.

Brittany Bloch, ARVIG
Sheila Poepping, Albany Mutual Telephone Assoc.
Christina Loonan, Lismore Cooperative Telephone Co.
Samantha Mathias, KM Telecom

Congratulations to all of the 2014 MTA Foundation Scholarship winners!

Since its inception in 2008, the MTA Foundation has awarded $58,000 in scholarships to customers of MTA member companies. The scholarships are funded through private donations, fundraisers at the MTA Convention and golf outing, and the Pinnacle golf outing. The MTA Foundation Board of Directors would like to thank all MTA members who contribute to the Foundation and make these scholarships possible. The MTA Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit. Contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible.

2013 Scholarship Winners

Reed Christian Klinkhammer from Winger, a customer of Garden Valley Telephone Company

Corrine Elizabeth Jensen from La Crescent, a customer of ACE Communications
Austin Davis Parenteau from Erskine, a customer of Garden Valley Telephone Company
Nicholas John Lorang from Lismore, a customer of Lismore Cooperative Telephone Company
Shawn Alonzo Sherman from Franklin, a customer of Minnesota Valley Telephone Company
Luke Granlund from Oak Park, a customer of Benton Cooperative Telephone Company

2012 Scholarship Winners

The MTA Foundation Board of Directors is pleased to announce the 2012 scholarship winners. The Foundation is awarding five scholarships this year to the following students:

Ashley Nicole Jensen from Holloway, a customer of Federated Telephone

Marissa Rae Dufault from Kasson, a customer of KM Telecom
Bettsy Jo Hjelseth from Akeley, a customer of Arvig
Elisa Carmen Muller from Bemidji, a customer of Paul Bunyan Communications
Alissa Tauer from Morgan, a customer of Arvig

These scholarship winners were chosen from 132 submitted applications by a review committee made up of MTA staff and MTA Foundation Board members. Dollars for Scholars scoring criteria was used to rank the applications. "All of the applications were outstanding,” commented MTA President/CEO Brent Christensen, "It is really great to see so many wonderful young people in our rural communities.”

2011 Scholarship Winners

Bud Morrow Scholarship
Kari Jo Taralseth, GFW HS, Winthrop Telephone Co. Customer

To read about past Scholarship winners, click here.

MTA Foundation Scholarships
Callie Jo Bowen, Barnesville HS, Red River Rural Telephone Association customer
Sophie Shogren, Park Rapids Area HS, ACS customer
Ilexa Flagstad, Holdingford HS, Benton Cooperative Telephone Co. customer

Each recipient will receive $2,000 upon successful completion of their first year of college.



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