Scholarship Recipients 2009-2010
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MTA Foundation Announces Scholarship Recipients

The Minnesota Telecom Alliance Foundation announced today the first recipients of its newly established scholarship program. Five graduating high school seniors were selected to receive $2,000.00 scholarships for the 2009-2010 academic year. The recipients are David Hanson of Goodridge, Anthony Hensel of Park River, ND, Kadie Kern of Bemidji, Leah Richter of Perham, and Jenna Zimmerman of Johnson.


David Hanson is graduating from Goodridge High School. He plans to attend the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities majoring in agriculture/dairy science. He is the son of Linda and Mike Hanson.

"My most immediate and main goal is to graduate college with a bachelor's degree in dairy science and to come back home and take over our family farm. It has always been my plan to own and operate my own farm. To do that, a college education is vital. What I learn in college will be very helpful in running a successful farming business," said David in his scholarship application.

The Hanson's receive telecommunications services from Garden Valley Telephone Company based in Erskine.

Anthony Hensel is graduating from Park River High School, Park River, ND. He plans to attend MSCTC - Wadena, majoring in telecommunications engineering technology. He is the son of Patty and Tony Hensel.

"The telecommunications field has come a long way in the last ten years. I believe there are improvements that still need to be made. A lot of exciting services can be brought to rural communities and I want to be a part of the process," said Anthony in his scholarship application.

The Hensel's receive telecommunications services from Polar Communications based in Park River, ND.

Kadie Kern is graduating from Bemidji High School. She plans to attend the College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph majoring in biochemistry. She is the daughter of Denise and Thomas Kern.

"I plan to major in biochemistry. I want to be a clinical pharmacist. Clinical pharmacists work one-on-one with doctors and their patients to fit a prescription with an individual's diagnosis. I love science and math. Technology has had a large influence in my life. Technology is a large part of our world and I am excited to see where it will go. After I am done with my schooling, I would like to live out in the country," said Kadie in her scholarship application.

The Kern's receive telecommunications services from Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Cooperative based in Bemidji.

Leah Richter is graduating from Perham High School. She plans to attend the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks studying in the pre-optometry program. She is the daughter of Rich and Tammy Richter.

"I hope to be an optometrist serving those who need assistance with their vision, teaching people about eye care and becoming an active leader in my community. Once I have completed my education and training, I would love to come back to the Perham area to live and practice optometry, and be an involved community member," said Leah in her scholarship application.

The Richter's receive telecommunications services from Arvig Communication Systems based in Perham.

Jenna Zimmerman is graduating from Chokio-Alberta High School in Chokio. She plans to attend the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities studying biomedical engineering. She is the daughter of June and Keith Zimmerman.

"When I look into my future, I see myself as an important member of a dedicated research team working to find valuable medical discoveries. Discoveries for cures of diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer's or multiple sclerosis are ones I hope to find in my lifetime," said Jenna in her scholarship application.

The Zimmerman's receive telecommunications services from Federated Telephone Cooperative based in Chokio.

In awarding the scholarship to David, Anthony, Kadie, Leah, and Jenna, Foundation President, Robert K. Eddy of Sherburne Tele-Systems in Big Lake said, "We're happy to have this chance to make an investment in these young people's educations. Our state and rural communities, in particular, need educated and talented young people like David, Anthony, Kadie, Leah, and Jenna to be our leaders of the future. It makes us all proud when the Minnesota Telecom Alliance Foundation can help young people continue their educations."

The Foundation is part of the Minnesota Telecom Alliance, a trade organization based in St. Paul representing 86 telephone companies and cooperatives in the state. The MTA was founded in 1909 and recently celebrated its centennial anniversary on March 27.

Get information on the Foundation Scholarship for this year HERE.



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